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Beef, pork, poultry, lamb, chicken and sea food.

Sima Foods is a full-service protein provider


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Sima Foods

Since 2005, Sima Foods is leading DFW wholesale meat supplier in Texas, Luisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas among other States of America, delivering a range of quality fresh and frozen meats, tailored to satisfy your needs.


Our inventory of fresh and frozen product allows us to provide our customers with the products they want, when they need them. Additionally, we can cope and accommodate with all order from multiple pallets to individual cases. All products can be cut, packed and boxed to each customer’s individual requirements with any meat or food sea, whether available or available through sourcing! Large retailer or a small caterer, we ship directly to your location complying with your requirements and offering always, the best price of the market.

Our Location

Large retailer or a small caterer, we ship FREE directly to your location.

Our Location

Our Facility is strategically located and well positioned to service our entire customer base from Texas to Luisiana!


Sima Foods distributors currently operates a fleets in excess 16 trucks servicing customers throughout our marketing area.

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Place an order before 9:30 am any day and your products will be at your location within same day!

Our Customers

Sima Foods distributors services overs 1,000 customers including retailers, restaurants, catering among others...

Extensive Product Line!

Fresh or frozen, beef, pork, lamb, chicken & sea food products enables us to meet any needs for our customers.

We have everything you need!

We Offer, Beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey & sea food -fresh and Frozen-. Upon receiving the finest meat products produced is when the perfection process begins within our walls.This is the point at which all our forward work to ensure we are starting with the best will allow us to perfect it.


Our internal selection and quality controls are what separate us from any and all. Before a knife, saw, or grinder ever touches a piece of meat, we require a complete understanding of what our client wishes the finished product to be.


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Not only we have the best quality and price of the market… We offer to our customers a free cost of freight!

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We ship all orders received before 9:30am the same day!!

same day delivery only by Sima Foods

What they have always had is what every foodservice operation needs — a great inventory of products, top quality goods, cold foods delivered cold, frozen foods delivered frozen, the capability of getting any foods needed by the customer, same day delivery, the right market price, and the rare commodity of talking sometimes directly with an owner.

They offer me a large selection of quality foods at competitive prices.  Their customer service is excellent and they always go out of their way to accommodate me.  I highly recommend Sima Foods to anyone in the foodservice industry who is looking for a top-notch supplier!

Simply put, they are just awesome! They have been taking care of us for some years now and, my salesman is great! Their prices usually blow all of the other competitors out of the water. Their drivers are very courteous and helpful and our deliveries are always consistent. We have been in business for over five years and have seen everything. I would highly recommend Sima Foods for their prices, quality and service.